The United States four dollar coin, also officially called a Stella, is a unit of currency equivalent to four United States dollars designed and introduced in 1879.

It was originally minted as a universal coin exchangeable with any currency around the world. Two varieties of the Stella were made: flowing hair, designed by Charles E. Barber, and coiled hair, designed by George T. Morgan. The flowing hair “Barber variety” is the most commonly seen variety. At some point in the late 19th century, several hundred restrikes of the Barber flowing hair design had been produced and sold to Congressmen at the cost of production. These later became a source of scandal when it was noted that a number of them ended up as jewelry pieces adorning the necks of madams operating some of Washington’s most famous bordellos.

It is composed of 6.00 grams of gold, 0.30 grams of silver, and 0.70 grams of copper.