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The “full Ginsburg” is a buzzword that refers to an appearance by one person on all five American major Sunday morning talk shows on the same day: This Week on ABC, Fox News Sunday, Face the Nation on CBS, Meet the Press on NBC, and Late Edition on CNN. State of the Union replaced Late Edition on CNN in January 2009.

The term is named for William H. Ginsburg, the lawyer for Monica Lewinsky during the sexual conduct scandal involving President Bill Clinton. Ginsburg was the first person to accomplish this feat, on February 1, 1998. 

William H. Ginsburg – February 1, 1998

Dick Cheney – July 30, 2000

John Edwards – October 10, 2004

Michael Chertoff – September 4, 2005

Hillary Clinton – September 23, 2007

Kathleen Sebelius, Janet Napolitano, Richard Besser – May 3, 2009

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Rajiv Shah, Ken Keen – January 17, 2010

Michele Bachmann – August 14, 2011

Jack Lew – February 12, 2012

Susan Rice – September 16, 2012

Timothy Geithner – December 2, 2012

Jeb Bush – March 10, 2013

Marco Rubio – April 14, 2013

Daniel Pfeiffer – May 19, 2013

John Kerry – September 1, 2013

Denis McDonough – September 8, 2013

Barack Obama – September 9, 2013



Lawrence Eagleburger, Secretary of State under George H W Bush, named all three of his sons Lawrence Eagleburger.

The offices of shadow U.S. Representative and shadow U.S. Senator are elective offices created by the District of Columbia as part of its efforts to gain full admittance to the Union as a State. The office originated with the election of the first Shadow Senators in 1796, and the position of Shadow US Representative first appeared in 1956 in the Territory of Alaska. The name was based on the traditional practice of the Official Opposition appointing shadow cabinets in parliamentary systems.


A Time to Run is a political novel written by Senator Barbara Boxer with Mary-Rose Hayes. It was published by Chronicle Books and released late in 2005, to mixed and frequently partisan reviews.Image


The Harry S Truman Little White House in Key West, Florida was the winter White House for PresidentHarry S Truman for 175 days during 11 visits. The house is located in the Truman Annex neighborhood ofOld Town, Key West.

The house was originally waterfront when it was built in 1890 as the first officer’s quarters on thesubmarine base naval station. The wooden duplex contained Quarters A for the base commandant and Quarters B for the paymaster.

In 1911 the home was converted into a single-family dwelling to house the base commandant and additional land was filled in front of the house. The waterfront view was eventually blocked by a new building at the station.